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Solutions and Resources for Contractor Business Owners

When owning a business, no matter the industry, there are common challenges and pain points. From expense management to payroll, to increasing revenue and profitability, all business owners need to tackle these challenges in one way or another.

Contractors who own their business often times prefer working on projects and jobs rather than on the business, which is why Ewing designed a contractor loyalty program with the needs of business owners first and foremost. Below are five ways the Ewing ProAdvantage program gives contractors an advantage to managing, building and growing their businesses.

Payroll and Employee Management

According to ADP, the average in-house processors running payroll bi-weekly spend an average of 235 hours more on essential payroll-related tasks than companies that outsource. Even if you are spending just half of that amount of time on HR and payroll, finding a payroll solution can save your considerable time and money.

Not only does payroll take time, but so do all the other functions of managing a team, from recruiting to training and development and even onboarding employees. Finding ways and resources to streamline that process, or even a few worksheets and tools you can use, could certainly save you a lot of time and energy than researching and building protocols from scratch.

Through the Ewing ProAdvantage program, members have access to not just discounted payroll services through ADP, but also to Ewing’s 100 years of HR experience, successes and key learnings. You can leverage recruitment and development workbooks and information, marketing tools, educational webinars to help with your business’s employee management.

Increasing Value and Profitability

Whether you’re trying to grow top line revenue or improve your margins and profitability, working to build value in your business is probably a long term goal. There are a lot of ways to add value to a business, from identifying a recurring revenue stream to differentiating yourself from your competitors. But knowing where and how to start can be daunting.

Fortunately there are successful methodologies to elevating and building your business’s value. Members of the ProAdvantage program will get ongoing informative articles and case studies sharing ways to work on building value and profitability. With a focus on helping our customers be successful, Ewing is providing invaluable content to help contractors work on their business more effectively and efficiently.

For customers wanting a more hands on educational experience, Ewing is also providing 12 modules of The Value Builder System™ to customers at a discounted rate as an option for redeeming points in the loyalty program.

Expense Reductions

Business expenses are inevitable, but for some back-office services, Ewing’s ProAdvantage program provides members with discounts on fuel, shipping, an email marketing platform, credit card processing and more. Especially in the green industry, finding ways to cut fuel costs can be a significant expense reduction, which in turn increases your profitability.

Homeowner Financing

For contractors, projects are often determined by the client’s current budget, but what if you could help them build their dream landscape by offering financing options? It’s a solution that benefits them and you at the same time. Plus this could be a deciding factor for a homeowner to choose your company over a competitor’s.

Through ProAdvantage, we are also able to extend homeowner financing options in a partnership with Synchrony Financial. The Synchrony Financial homeowner financing includes:

  • Private label card featuring your company name
  • Exclusive program credit cards
  • Installment loans with fixed monthly payment over a period of time
  • Options for repeat purchases
  • Promotional plans to meet homeowner needs
  • Simple, easy-to-use portal for you to manage enrollment, sales and payment processing
  • Payment within 24 to 48 hours from job completion and sales slip submission
  • Programs such as no interest if paid in full within promo period, equal payments/no interest and fixed payments/reduced APR

Enjoying Rewards

Even with all the resources and business solutions listed above, a contractor loyalty program would not be complete without some fun and rewards. Points are accumulated as one (1) point for every dollar spent at Ewing during a calendar year. Points become available for redemption once a ProAdvantage member has reached $5,000 in current year and those associated invoices have been paid.

Members can redeem points on fun rewards for themselves or their crews, including:

  • Gift cards and eGift cards
  • Online shopping portal
  • Event tickets
  • Travel rewards
  • Credit on account
  • The Value Builder System
  • And more!

We will also be including Ewing exclusive events and experiences, such as our annual Waste Management Phoenix Open and Pink Lady Golf Tournament trip.

And as the business owner, you get to enjoy the rewards of every dollar spent at Ewing. Whether you choose to invest the points value back in your business, on a fun adventure for your family or as gifts for your employees, it’s your hard-earned points and up to you on redeeming them!

As your partner in business, Ewing is invested in your success, which is why Ewing’s ProAdvantage program was designed with our contractors and their business in mind. This contractor rewards program was created to help contractors save even more time and money, whether you’re working to grow your business or maximize profitability. If you’re interested in learning more or signing up (for free!), visit www.ewingirrigation.com/proadvantage.

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