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Stand Out with Differentiating Products from Ewing

To keep your business competitive in today’s market, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. While there are a number of ways you can do this, one option is to offer products and services no one else has.

Our close relationships with forward-thinking manufacturers allow us to offer exclusive and semi-exclusive products in our markets.

“Ewing's technical expertise and experience allows us to better support and service our customers with these limited access, industry-leading technologies,” said Steve McCarter, Ewing’s national water efficiency product manager.

Offer your customers a unique blend of industry-leading technologies with Ewing’s exclusive and semi-exclusive product offerings.

PRIMG Prod Landscape Products Drip ConversionLandscape Products offers dripline tubing, fittings and a retro drip adapter to help you convert landscapes to drip irrigation. In addition to drip irrigation, they offer sprinklers, valves and accessories at affordable prices for the high quality products you receive.


PRIMG AM AquaSmart with FlowersAquaSmart PRO offers a solution for landscapers, sports fields managers, golf course superintendents and growers to decrease the frequency of waterings. AquaSmart PRO is a super-absorbent polymer coated sand that can hold up to 12 times its weight in water, and keeps moisture accessible in the soil profile long after the surface dries.


LOGO Holganix SquareHolganix creates an opportunity for contractors to stand out with an organic product offering. This organic, living biology helps to grow long roots for healthy, thick, green turf that can better withstand disease, drought and insects, and reduce fertilizer inputs. This promotes better nutrient and moisture retention. With this organic product, you can open your customer base to more environmentally conscious people.

Baseline WaterTec S100Baseline Systems offers irrigation solutions for residential and commercial sites. With controllers and soil moisture sensors for a range of site sizes, you can offer your clients irrigation management solutions that fit their needs.



PRIMG Prod Civitas 2.5galCIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND™ Concentrate is an affordable, hybrid selective herbicide with Microtechnology+ and no offensive odor, specially formulated with less active ingredients to kill over 60 broadleaf weeds.


Visit your local Ewing store to learn more about Ewing’s unique product offerings and find what you need to stand apart from the competition.


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