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Strengthening Landscapes, While Minimizing The Impact in our Communities

In our tight knit, suburban communities, and even tighter inner-city neighborhoods, minimizing our impact on each other and our environment can be challenging. For customers who want the lush lawns, beautiful ornamentals or a perfect garden, it can be challenging to maximize the quality of their landscape while maintaining awareness of the effects on the environment and their neighbors.

For your environmentally conscious customers and avid gardeners, Holganix Bio 800 is a great tool to help you encourage your customers’ landscapes to be all they can be. It’s a 100 percent organic liquid concentrate with over 800 species of beneficial microbes that enhances the soil, resulting in healthier and more sustainable plants.

What that means to your customers is this product helps strengthen plants and increase root depth, which result in stable plants that require less water, pesticides and fertilizers. In fact, over time, you can expect to reduce your fertilizer usage up to 50 percent and your pesticide usage up to 75 percent. Talk about being conscious of our neighbors and our environment! Spraying Holganix on Lawn

When to use it

Various times of the year, our landscapes are susceptible to an array of conditions—from dry periods, fungi and insects activity and extreme temperature changes. These variances can make it hard to determine when to use certain products to support plant health. However, Bio 800 can be used as often as necessary.

Not only can you use this product at the time of installation, but the Bio 800 should be part of your maintenance program. And don’t worry; you can’t use too much and it won’t burn! Your customers’ landscapes will be protected from a variety of conditions due to the increased sustainability Holagnix Bio 800 has provided for their plants.

How it works

Holganix Liquid TurfHolganix basically gives life to the soil. In a single jug of Holganix, there are over 800 species of bacteria, 20 species of fungi, 12 forms of microbe food, three forms of humic, fulvic and amino acids and 20 additional soil amending ingredients. The beneficial bacteria promote sustained plant material and soil fertility, while the mycchorizae fungi increase root mass. Together these allow better uptake of water and nutrients, like in the same way decomposing matter on the forest floor creates an abundance of microbiological organisms and soil nutrients. By using Holganix Bio 800, you can create that same environment for your customers’ landscapes.

How Holganix WorksWhile the Bio 800 can be beneficial to a variety of plant material, Holganix’s recipe is specifically designed promote the health and sustainability of trees and shrubs, blooming plants, lawns and even agriculture.

If you prefer a non-liquid approach, Holganix is also used a line of dry, granular products called Healthy Grow. These granular fertilizers consist of organically composted poultry waste, which is dried and then coated with the Bio 800.

As you continue to create and maintain the landscapes your customers envisioned, try working Holganix Bio 800 into your routine. Hopefully both you and your customers will be impressed and thrilled by the results. Just imagine, the next “Yard of the Month” could be your customer’s, with the thriving landscape you established for them. That’s a win for both of you!

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