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Sustainable Solutions That Can Set Your Business Apart From the Competition

When it comes to growing a landscaping company, expanding your service offerings can be beneficial, profitable and … time consuming. While you’re working to develop new skills and hone your craft, you can still expand and your company’s offerings with easy-to-incorporate products that can make your company more marketable and attract new customers.

Many homeowners and companies today are looking to reduce their impact on the environment. These three sustainable products are a simple way to set your company apart from the competition and help your customers become more sustainable.

Eco-friendly solvent cement

Properly joining PVC pipe requires a solvent cement solution. Weld-On’s® 905ECO can help put you ahead of the competition because it’s an eco-friendly cement that is Green Seal TM certified. With 30 percent less solvent emissions, Weld-On gives you the same results as other medium-bodied PVC cements.

Non-toxic oil

Similarly, introducing more environmentally friendly products such as NV Earth’s® Bar & Chain Oil into your business gives you another easy-to-incorporate sustainable solution in to your maintenance practices.

This bio-based oil is a full synthetic engine lubricant that prevents sludge and carbon deposits and is less hazardous to plants, animals and humans. Using one of NV Earth’s lubricants, cleaners or absorbents for your chain saw, weed eater or other equipment can help reduces hazardous exposure to chemicals and minimizes environmental exposure.

Soil amendments

If you’re looking to offer your customers sustainable solutions for their landscapes, an easy first option is soil amendments. Soil amendments help improve soil so turf and plant material can grow stronger and save water.

Holganix is a biostimulant, meaning, it helps balance soil’s ecosystem to allow plants to build stronger roots, making them more resilient and increasing nutrient and water uptake.

If you’re looking to add additional nutrients to your clients’ soil, products such as Mirimichi Green and Anuvia’s GreenTRX can help. Mirimichi Green’s Carboniz PN™ Soil Enhancer helps strengthen soil with a carbon-rich biochar and premium organics. It reduces watering needs, cuts down on fertilizer and chemical inputs and helps increase nutrient uptake. GreenTRX is a homogenous, multi-nutrient plant product that delivers nutrients to growing grass with less leaching and volatility while improving soil health. With GreenTRX nutrients are released over an eight-week period, 65 percent in the first two weeks and the rest is released slowly over the next weeks. It’s also partly made of waste that would otherwise go to landfills, but can instead feed turf and plants.

By incorporating these sustainable products into your business repertoire, you can grow your businesses services and develop new practices, attracting new customers and increasing your bottom line.

For more information on these sustainable solutions and to learn more about Ewing, The Original Green Way™, visit us online or stop by your local Ewing store.

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