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New Product Contest Winners from 2018 Irrigation Show

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on December 13, 2018
Each year, during the annual Irrigation Show hosted by the Irrigation Association (IA), dozens of manufacturers submit...

Reading, Writing and Irrigation: An Arizona School’s Orchard Brings Agriculture to the Classroom

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on November 14, 2018
Installing irrigation zones wasn’t something Alberto Alaniz thought he’d ever be doing as a math teacher, but when ...

2 Quick Tips to Consider When Designing an Irrigation System for Crops

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on November 28, 2017
System uniformity in irrigation systems is important, especially when working in the agriculture field. A system that...

Ewing Partners with Oregon Water Agencies to Bring Growers More Sustainable Irrigation Systems

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on March 15, 2017
Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply has partnered with multiple local and state environmental agencies in Oregon to...

How Growers Can Use the Baseline System to Efficiently Water Crops

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on February 8, 2017
Despite efforts to keep up with the weatherman, even the most diligent caretaker will discover that the seasons find...

The Benefits of Precision Container Irrigation for Growers

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on January 16, 2017
When most people think of growing things in the agriculture world, their minds wander to open plains with cultivated...

Gain CEUs at Ewing's Winter Education Summit in Redmond, Ore.

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on January 9, 2017
January 09, 2017, Phoenix, Ariz.—Winter is about to get a shake up! Ewing Education Services encourages contractors to...

The What, Where and Why, of Ewing and Agriculture!

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on September 6, 2016
American Founding Father George Washington once called agriculture, “The most healthful, most useful and most noble...

Try Agriscaping For Clients That Prefer Homegrown Produce

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on May 31, 2016
We think of ornamental plants for landscapes as having an aesthetic purpose. Why not edible ones as well? Many people...

Expand Your Business Offering with More Product Choices from Ewing

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on January 25, 2016
As a business professional, you want to get the job done right, efficiently and properly, the first time. An important...

Jerry Harris Provides Agriculture Irrigation Support to Eastern Washington

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on November 11, 2011
Jerry Harris serves and supports Ewing customers with dedication and product knowledge.

Ewing Expands Industrial Focus, Appoints New Division Leader

By Ewing Outdoor Supply on May 21, 2010
Steve Ramsey to lead Ewing’s expanded Industrial & Agricultural Irrigation Division, providing support, supplies and...

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