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Overseed Trends and Tips for 2021

By Andy Keeton on September 2, 2021
We’ve faced many challenges this year and the overseed season is no exception. Supply chain challenges stemming from a...

Restructure Your Method to Save Time this Overseed Season

By Ewing Irrigation on October 13, 2020
From start to finish, your winter turf maintenance requires time and skill as you prep for colder temperatures. You may...

Understanding What’s in Your Seed

By Robyn Hazen on September 1, 2020
The tag on a bag of turf seed can provide a wealth of information about the type of seed you’re about to purchase. You...

2019 Fall Turf Care Guide

By Ewing Irrigation on October 9, 2019
It can be easy to fall into the same routines season after season and see the same results. But what if you could do...

Quick Golf Overseeding Tips from an Experienced Pro

By Ewing Irrigation on September 12, 2019
Across the country, many golf courses are preparing to overseed or renovate their turf. There’s a lot of pressure to...

Fall Weed Control Tips for Better Lawns Year-Round

By Ewing Irrigation on September 3, 2019
A healthy green lawn is what most of us strive for and fall is a critical time to prevent weeds that can pop up and...

How to Have Successful Germination This Seed Season

By Ewing Irrigation on August 13, 2019
You’ve done everything right in overseeding or renovating this season. You aerated and verticuted the turf. Your ...

What You Need to Know for the 2019 Overseeding Season

By Ewing Irrigation on August 1, 2019
It’s August and that means overseeding season is approaching and preparation begins now. Here’s what you need to know...

Tips for Maintaining Fall Sports Fields

By Ewing Irrigation on August 30, 2018
School’s back in session and the weather is starting to cool — it’s finally fall, and that means it's time for fall...

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