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Two Ways Smart Tech Can Help Your Irrigation Clients Conserve Water and Save Money

By Jack York on January 18, 2022
Technological advances have moved smart irrigation tech well beyond Wi-Fi and now allow contractors to do much more...

Recycle Your Irrigation Controllers and Help Those with Autism

By Ewing Irrigation on July 6, 2021
Earn $15 towards a New Hunter Pro-HC Controller when you bring your old controller to a participating Ewing branch!

Creating an Easier Path to Sustainability

By Robyn Hazen on August 11, 2020
As every landscaping contractor knows, old irrigation sprinkler controllers wear out over time. When they break down,...

Smart Irrigation Products and Techniques to Help Differentiate Your Business

By Veronica Biczo on July 27, 2020
Smart Irrigation Month is a great reminder to consider practices and products that reduce water waste, benefit the...

3 Tips for Selling Smart Irrigation to Your Clients

By Ewing Irrigation on July 7, 2020
For more than 10 years the green industry has named July as Smart Irrigation Month because of its benefits for the...

Smart Yards are Smart for Your Business

By Robyn Hazen on February 25, 2020
You’ve probably heard that today’s smartphones are more advanced than the technology that put man on the moon....

The Basics Of Troubleshooting An Irrigation Controller

By Ewing Irrigation on July 5, 2019
When a failure occurs in an irrigation system, the controller commonly gets blamed as the culprit. But the problem may...

When and How to Use Solar Powered Irrigation

By Ewing Irrigation on April 25, 2019
Solar powered irrigation controllers are not always the best choice, but they could be perfect for certain jobs.

3 Ways to Detect Leaks in Your Irrigation System

By Ewing Irrigation on March 20, 2018
Fix a Leak Week is happening now—March 19 through March 25. Every year, Ewing celebrates the week by educating its...

Functions and Benefits of Irrigation Controller Apps for the Professional

By Ewing Irrigation on November 9, 2017
As an irrigation professional, it’s your job to ensure healthy plants—beyond that, it’s your job to ensure happy...

Know Your Controller: Irrigation Controller Apps for Homeowners

By Ewing Irrigation on November 7, 2017
Your smartphone does more than check Facebook or text your kids when they’re out with friends. Your smartphone can now...

The Difference Between Weather-Based and Soil Moisture Sensor Controllers

By Ewing Irrigation on October 6, 2017
Article contributed by Chris Spain. Chris is president and CEO of HydroPoint, the makers of WeatherTRAK and Baseline...

Tricky Irrigation Problems Solved!

By Ewing Irrigation on August 18, 2017
As most irrigation professionals know, sometimes there’s a tricky situation or problem that needs to be solved. The...

4 Tips for Selling Smart Irrigation Controllers

By Ewing Irrigation on August 7, 2017
Being that it’s called “smart,” you might think these irrigation controllers would sell themselves. However, since many...

Irrigation Controller Recycling Program Expands Nationwide with Ewing and Rachio

By Ewing Irrigation on July 5, 2017
July 5, 2017, PHOENIX—Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply, Rachio and Blue Star Recyclers have expanded their ...

Boost the Value of Controller Installations with New Recycling Program

By Ewing Irrigation on July 5, 2017
Replacing an old irrigation controller may mean increased water savings and sustainability, but doing so typically adds...

How To Prevent Power Overloads in Your Irrigation System’s Controller

By Ewing Irrigation on May 17, 2017
Is a malfunction plaguing your controller? Irrigation system malfunctions generally have hydraulic or electric...

Smart Watering in the Palm of Your Hand with Wi-Fi Controllers

By Ewing Irrigation on April 5, 2017
Homeowners may have started asking you for an irrigation controller that can integrate with their smart home system...

Determine Irrigation Run Times and Schedules for a Newly Installed Irrigation System

By Ewing Irrigation on March 31, 2017
A new irrigation system requires setup. As you prep a new system for its first-time use, you’ll need the things to set...

Try the X-CORE Controller for an Easy Solution to a Common Homeowner Problem

By Ewing Irrigation on March 20, 2017
Homeowners often face a dilemma when it comes to watering their plants. “The vegetable garden needs to be watered for...

How Growers Can Use the Baseline System to Efficiently Water Crops

By Ewing Irrigation on February 8, 2017
Despite efforts to keep up with the weatherman, even the most diligent caretaker will discover that the seasons find...

Ewing and Rachio Launch Controller Recycling Pilot Program in Select Areas

By Ewing Irrigation on January 24, 2017
January 24, 2017, Phoenix, Ariz.—Ewing and Rachio, a leader in Wi-Fi enabled smart sprinkler controllers, launched a...

Smart Controllers: What Types are Available?

By Ewing Irrigation on July 27, 2016
There are different types of smart irrigation controllers, which take the guesswork out of scheduling your irrigation...

Stand Out with Differentiating Products from Ewing

By Ewing Irrigation on July 25, 2016
To keep your business competitive in today’s market, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. While there...

Get Smart + Save Water With Efficient Irrigation Systems

By Ewing Irrigation on July 13, 2016
This July, get smart and save water! Landscapes are our livelihoods, and water is our greatest resource. Help save...

Top 5 Irrigation Tips for Summer

By Ewing Irrigation on June 20, 2016
Use these five tips to make sure your irrigation system is ready for summer so that you can use water in the most...

Living Walls and Seasonal Color Meet at Cane Island

By Ewing Irrigation on April 20, 2016
Cane Island is a new residential community in Katy, Tex., that features forward-thinking green architecture both...

New Rachio Controller: More to Love

By Ewing Irrigation on April 18, 2016
Last year, Rachio won over irrigation pros and their clients with fast and easy installation and water saving...

Are You Ready for Spring? Get Your Spring Start-Up Checklists

By Ewing Irrigation on March 21, 2016
Spring is upon us…are you ready? With the seasons come changes in plants, weeds and irrigation needs. There are several...

Labor shortage? Let us help you get to the next job faster!

By Ewing Irrigation on May 11, 2015
This year, more than ever before, many customers are saying that they just can't find enough employees!

California Water Restrictions: Ewing Offers Solutions to Conserve Water

By Ewing Irrigation on April 8, 2015
On April 1, Gov. Jerry Brown ordered mandatory statewide water restrictions as California faces another year of severe...

Video: Using an Ohmmeter and Toner to Troubleshoot a Sprinkler System

By Ewing Irrigation on November 7, 2013
In this video Jeffrey Knight and Dennis Hyde of Ewing Irrigation demonstrate how to use an ohmmeter to troubleshoot...

5 Must-Haves for Smart Irrigation

By Ewing Irrigation on July 29, 2013
1. Quality Soil

Smart Irrigation: Why Contractors Should Speak Up About It!

By Ewing Irrigation on July 20, 2012
Smart irrigation can be a smart opportunity if you make sure to speak up about it.

Soil Moisture Sensors Work

By Ewing Irrigation on January 28, 2010
As we start the New Year, I am excited to see how well my irrigation system at home performs on its second year...

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