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Choose the Right Fittings for Your Drip Irrigation Systems

By Ewing Irrigation on May 20, 2022
When it comes to tubing for drip irrigation systems, there are common industry standards for sizing, but how do you...

Backflow Prevention Gets Its Own National Holiday

By Jack York on August 16, 2021
Today, August 16, is National Backflow Prevention Day. This new event created by Watts Water Technologies, is “a day...

What’s New in Irrigation? Technology, Tools and More

By Jack York on December 16, 2020
From new products to new rules and regulations, check out what’s new and what’s coming up in 2021.

Smart Irrigation Products and Techniques to Help Differentiate Your Business

By Veronica Biczo on July 27, 2020
Smart Irrigation Month is a great reminder to consider practices and products that reduce water waste, benefit the...

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