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Functions and Benefits of Irrigation Controller Apps for the Professional

By Ewing Irrigation on November 9, 2017
As an irrigation professional, it’s your job to ensure healthy plants—beyond that, it’s your job to ensure happy...

Know Your Controller: Irrigation Controller Apps for Homeowners

By Ewing Irrigation on November 7, 2017
Your smartphone does more than check Facebook or text your kids when they’re out with friends. Your smartphone can now...

4 Tips for Selling Smart Irrigation Controllers

By Ewing Irrigation on August 7, 2017
Being that it’s called “smart,” you might think these irrigation controllers would sell themselves. However, since many...

Irrigation Controller Recycling Program Expands Nationwide with Ewing and Rachio

By Ewing Irrigation on July 5, 2017
July 5, 2017, PHOENIX—Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply, Rachio and Blue Star Recyclers have expanded their ...

Boost the Value of Controller Installations with New Recycling Program

By Ewing Irrigation on July 5, 2017
Replacing an old irrigation controller may mean increased water savings and sustainability, but doing so typically adds...

Smart Watering in the Palm of Your Hand with Wi-Fi Controllers

By Ewing Irrigation on April 5, 2017
Homeowners may have started asking you for an irrigation controller that can integrate with their smart home system...

Ewing and Rachio Launch Controller Recycling Pilot Program in Select Areas

By Ewing Irrigation on January 24, 2017
January 24, 2017, Phoenix, Ariz.—Ewing and Rachio, a leader in Wi-Fi enabled smart sprinkler controllers, launched a...

Smart Controllers: What Types are Available?

By Ewing Irrigation on July 27, 2016
There are different types of smart irrigation controllers, which take the guesswork out of scheduling your irrigation...

New Rachio Controller: More to Love

By Ewing Irrigation on April 18, 2016
Last year, Rachio won over irrigation pros and their clients with fast and easy installation and water saving...

Labor shortage? Let us help you get to the next job faster!

By Ewing Irrigation on May 11, 2015
This year, more than ever before, many customers are saying that they just can't find enough employees!

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