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4 Steps for Replacing a Sprinkler System Controller

By Ewing Irrigation on February 13, 2018
Replacing a sprinkler system controller can be tricky, but these four steps can help you easily replace an outdated...

Functions and Benefits of Irrigation Controller Apps for the Professional

By Ewing Irrigation on November 9, 2017
As an irrigation professional, it’s your job to ensure healthy plants—beyond that, it’s your job to ensure happy...

Know Your Controller: Irrigation Controller Apps for Homeowners

By Ewing Irrigation on November 7, 2017
Your smartphone does more than check Facebook or text your kids when they’re out with friends. Your smartphone can now...

Smart Watering in the Palm of Your Hand with Wi-Fi Controllers

By Ewing Irrigation on April 5, 2017
Homeowners may have started asking you for an irrigation controller that can integrate with their smart home system...

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