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Take Golf Course Irrigation to the Next Level with Ewing HDPE

Today, more and more golf irrigation projects are being designed for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and fittings. HDPE is an environmentally sustainable product that is strong, durable, and flexible with excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.

Along with designing for HDPE, irrigation consultants are specifying some form of HDPE training into nearly every project.

PRIMG Misc Side Wall FusionWith this change in how systems are designed and installed comes a demand for training on proper HDPE installation techniques. To meet that demand, Ewing offers a training program to meet both the needs of the contractor and the training specifications of the irrigation consultant—Ewing HDPE.

“Ewing has supplied HDPE pipe and fittings to the golf course construction industry for six years and counting with great success,” said Manny Pina, Ewing’s golf representative for the Western U.S. “Now, we are taking HDPE irrigation to the next level with the Ewing HDPE system.”

What can Ewing HDPE do for your course?
With this system, you receive more than just products. Ewing HDPE’s value-added services include on-and-off site training, site certification, a technical service hotline, extended warranty offers, and Ewing’s HDPE experts at your side.

Ewing’s manufacturer partners include JM Eagle, Harco, Duraline, Lasco, Leemco, United Poly Systems, and more. They bring quality products to the golf course irrigation contractor and are backed by a company established in 1922.

PRIMG Misc Fusion TrainingTrain with Ewing and become an HDPE pro
Ewing HDPE’s training program fits the needs of the contractor and satisfies the training specifications of the irrigation consultant.

“We cover classroom and field installation for butt, socket, electro fusion, and sidewall fusion,” Pina said, “and students are monitored in hands-on fusion application processes. They must show an understanding of the entire fusion process.”

When you complete Ewing HDPE training, you’ll earn a certificate of completion for the type of fusion training you’ve received. All programs are conducted in accordance with the standards set forth within ASTM International’s Standard Practice for Heat Fusion Joining of Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings (ASTM F2620).

Join Ewing for successful HDPE installations
Our accomplishments include dozens of successful HDPE projects from California to Texas. At each golf course, Ewing brought expertise for everything from the logistics of getting the right material to the site to the training of onsite personnel.

Make Ewing HDPE the choice for your golf course’s irrigation system. To learn more, go to your local Ewing store and ask how Ewing HDPE can benefit your course.

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