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Tech Trends for Small Businesses in 2015

Technology trends have had a gigantic impact in the business landscape, and are constantly changing the path to growth. Keeping up with technological advancements from year to year can be extremely difficult; to help you sort through what could be the most important for your business, here are four of the most important tech-related trends business owners should be aware of in 2015.

Using Technology to Analyze DataData Driven Decisions

Knowing where to invest money and time in technologies and the web is a tough decision. The tech world is geared to consumers and is keeping the press full of buzzwords. Apps, wearables, big data, cloud and mobile all sound great. But what specifically do they do for you and your company? Many powerful tools are now available for any size of business, giving greater depth of understanding whether you’re a beginner or employ an entire IT department.

The key is making these decisions based on measurable data from trusted sources. If you are willing to finance a new technological project or digital marketing strategy, do you have the data to prove your investment is viable? Just because the technology exists and is popular, doesn't mean it is the best tool for your business. Web analytic tools, such as Google Analytics or Buzz Sumo, help measure page views, users, sessions, behavior and social performance on your website or social media platforms. Make sure to set up analytic tools your digital strategies that are accessible at all times by all invested team members. All too often, tech strategies are decided without much data, and can lead to bad investments and wasted time. Many analytics tools exist and may already be available to you through existing services.

PRIMG Misc Hands with SmartphoneOptimize for Mobile

With an estimated 65 percent of the U.S. population owning a smartphone, the mobile web can't be ignored. Optimizing for mobile can be a huge undertaking and needs to be justified with good data. But most general stats point to the fact that if you want to be noticed by new customers, you have to be ready for mobile. Combine that most adults research a product online before making a purchase and that mobile Internet traffic exceeds PC usage, sooner rather than later mobile will become part of any business investment. Whether it be social media, email or your website, take careful consideration on how your marketing content is being delivered.

PRIMG Tech Social MediaGoing Social

With over a billion users, social media is the elephant in the room. The feeling of obligation to exist on social is overwhelming. But just because a lot of people are using a platform doesn't mean you must have a presence. Social success can be time-consuming and require consistency. Choose carefully which social platforms you participate in. Not all of them are worth the time and effort. The web is a very visual place, and social websites are no exception. Luckily, the landscape and Green Industry is very visual too, and you should have many opportunities to share photos and videos with your customers.


With so many cyber attacks on companies, large and small, cyber-security should be a top priority. Gone are the days of “security through obscurity.” Small businesses are a prime target for attackers. Many of these businesses store sensitive customer information while having very little security on their networks to protect the data. Vulnerabilities in networks and software is a constant moving target, making it difficult for companies to stay ahead. In the end, customers are not very understanding if an attack is made on their information.Technology and Cyber Security

There are a lot of tools for securing networks and information. But, time and again, people are the weak link. We constantly fall for bad links, malicious attachments and spear phishing attacks. Now is the perfect time to make sure your entire company knows the proper security protocol and make sure it is in writing. Have clear expectations of security on company networks and using company data. If you rely on partners or contractors to secure your data, be in consistent contact with them and have clear expectations. If one of the companies you partner with fails to secure your customers’ data, remember you will be blamed. Choose wisely when working with a cloud company or any other third party.

Tech Tools Offer Opportunities

Technical innovations grow exponentially every year, and 2015 presents a lot of tools available for every business. Being focused on technological tools can help grow your brand awareness and make your company more efficient. Be sure to make good, data-driven, analytical decisions to respond to your customers with a focus on security. Powerful tools are available for any company at any level of experience and offer opportunities around every corner.

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