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The What, Where and Why, of Ewing and Agriculture!

American Founding Father George Washington once called agriculture, “The most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.” Even in modern-day America, agriculture plays an important role in everyday society. It is a role that Ewing is proud to play a part in.

Ewing understands its agriculture-focused customers are hardworking people. That is why we work hard to make sure the products Growers need are available and easily accessible.


Ewing offers a variety of products and services vital to agricultural operations. Some of these products and services are:

  1. water delivery systems PRIMG Turf Seeds
  2. water source management
  3. fertigation systems and soil amendments (in select regions)
  4. erosion control
  5. grower tools and accessories

When you come in to one of the many Ewing stores for your agriculture needs, you can expect to find a multitude of premier agriculture manufacturers available to you. Because we are a distributor rather than a dealer, we can deliver the right product solution by equipping you with a brand that works best for your crop needs.


Clinton Elms, National Agricultural Irrigation Products Manager for Ewing, believes Ewing has a great deal to offer the agricultural community. “Landscape and ag industries have overlapping technologies and customers in the growing, installing and selling of horticulture crops,” Elms said. PRIMG Misc Flowerbed

He believes helping a customer reach a profitable end goal is essential. “Ewing specializes in focusing on our customers to make sure they have the specific products that they need,” Elms said. You will find your purchases have never been easier than they are with your Ewing partner by your side!


Ewing’s agricultural presence is well established in the Pacific Northwest and Southern Texas, but awareness on a nationwide level is growing. “We (Ewing) are developing many other markets across the South and East coast,” Elms said.

With over 200 locations nationwide, Ewing provides a convenient, local presence as an agricultural supplier. We encourage you to stop by your local Ewing store and check out our products that can enhance, strengthen and simplify your agricultural operations, today!

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