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3 Strategies for More Smart Irrigation Sales

With half of the water being wasted in an average landscape, there’s an ocean of opportunity for selling smart irrigation. Just don’t expect it expect it to wash up at your door!

Many people don’t know what smart irrigation is or how they can save more water in their landscape. That’s why we’ve created free smart irrigation sales tools so you can break it down and show potential clients how to save water and earn more business.

Here are three strategies for persuading homeowners to consider smart irrigation using our free sales tools for irrigation and landscape contractors available at www.ewingirrigation.com/smart.

Smart Irrigation FlyerStrategy 1: Build Awareness

First, use the Awareness Flyer to generate interest in smart irrigation and your business.

This  flyer is easily customizable. Once you download the flyer, be sure to open it with Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is a free download if you don’t already have the program.

Using Adobe Reader, you can edit the services section (the box on the right) and add your company name and contact information (lower left). Simply click on the area you want to change, delete anything you want removed and type in what you want to add. Be sure to add your preferred contact info, or attach your business card.

If you don’t have a color printer available, you can always get it printed through a local printer or online print service.

Finally, distribute the flyer:

  • Leave flyers for residents in the areas you work
  • Post the flyer on public bulletin boards
  • Send the flyer to your mailing list
  • Ask other local businesses if you can leave some of your flyers for patrons
  • Offer a free seminar/class in your community on a landscape or irrigation topic and give flyers to participants
  • Pass out flyers at Home & Garden shows and expos

Smart Irrigation Site ChecklistStrategy 2: Do a Site Inspection

On any property visit, offer to do a site inspection. Use the Water Smart Site Checklist form for an easy inspection checklist, which includes discussing water concerns with the property owner, and checking out the existing controller, valves, sprinklers and zones.

This form can be printed and filled out on site—keep some on hand in your truck! Or you could go paperless and fill it out using an Adobe Reader app on a laptop, iPad or tablet. Then, give a copy to the property owner and go over the items of note, including opportunities they have to save water.

Strategy 3: Offer Solutions

Use the Smart Irrigation Solutions form after a site visit to give the property owner more specific recommendations, such as:

  • Products, services and repairs
  • Cost estimates
  • Estimated water savings

To use this form, first open it with Adobe Reader to add your contact information (lower right corner). Save the form and print copies or fill it out for clients using Adobe Reader as needed.

The Potential Water Savings included on the form are general estimates—you can change those to the estimated water savings you expect based on the site conditions.

Then give the form to clients and go over your recommendations and their potential water savings.

Happy Selling!

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and a great time to introduce property owners to smart irrigation.

Remember to download these free Smart Irrigation Sales Tools and let us know if you have success using them smartirrigation@ewingirrigation.com!

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