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Three Suspects that Commit Lawn Crimes and How to Stop Them

Is one of your customer’s lawns struggling and they’re not sure why? Little-known offenders like pet urine, beer spills and bug sprays can have devastating effects on lawns, but you can stop them dead in their tracks. Here’s how.

Pet Urine

When it comes to this culprit, it’s important to know the why behind the damage. Pet urine contains high levels of nitrogen.

“If your lawn is nitrogen deficient, you may actually notice the areas where your pet urinates are greener than the rest of your lawn,” said Tony Goldsby, Ewing’s National shutterstock_532780564Turf Products Manager.

On the contrary, if a lawn has an adequate amount of nitrogen and a pet continually urinates in the same spot, it may result in lawn burn.

Thankfully the answer to this problem doesn’t mean you need to get rid of Fido!

“The best insurance is to take a five gallon bucket and dilute the spot with water after the pet urinates,” Goldsby said.

If the problem rests with the neighbor’s dogs and cats that frequently visit your customer’s lawn, Goldsby suggests an all-natural pet deterrent like Messina’s Dog & Cat Stopper.

Beer Spills

When your customer is planning a Fourth of July party, the threat of beer spills killing their grass is likely low on their list of concerns. Top of the list or not, the high amounts of salt and sugar in beer is a silent killer when it comes to turfgrass.PRIMG.Turf.Beer

“The best option is to keep the beer bongs and chugging contests confined to an area of patio space or other impervious surfaces,” suggested Goldsby.

If limiting beverages to a concrete surface is not an option, running a brief irrigation cycle after the party dies down will help dilute the remains on the grass.

If your customer doesn’t have a sprinkler system, a heavy-duty hose will work wonders.

Goldsby cautioned, “Be sure to use a garden hose nozzle and soak down the party area to prevent your lawn from looking like the Kentucky Derby infield following a race!”

Bug Spray

An innocent attempt to say goodbye to mosquitos could be causing your customer to say goodbye to their lawn. Yes, you heard right. The same spray used to keep the bloodsuckers away may be sucking the life right out of their turf.

“DEET is an active ingredient in many popular bug sprays,” Goldsby said. “While it is lethal to mosquitos, it is also harmful to turfgrass.”

There are bug sprays available that are safe for lawns, but you can impress your customer by offering preventative solutions.Mosquito

Fogging for mosquitoes a few hours before an outdoor event is effective and can cut down on the existing mosquito population.

Also consider installing NuTone’s Haven Mosquito Repellent Fixtures. Each cartridge provides 216 hours of long-lasting protection.

So are you a private eye or landscaper? Why not both! Use these tips to keep your customer’s lawn crisp and green throughout the year!

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