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Too Early to Prep for Spring Drainage? Not If You Want to Prevent Future Flood Damage

Before preparing your customers’ landscape for hibernation this winter, take a look at their drainage system. Installing or repairing the landscape drainage will prevent any potential problems with flooding or excessive water when spring rolls around. Here are four drainage issues to look out for.

Evaluate the site

First things first, you will need to evaluate your clients’ sites to see what shape their drainage system is currently in. Look for low spots or downspouts without proper drainage, and then ask your customer if they’ve had any problems in the past with flooding or poor drainage.

Once you’ve established an understanding of what is needed, you can prepare your plan of action.

Downspout water

For many residential and commercial sites, the building’s downspout is where most of the water will flow. Without the proper drainage, this could damage the foundation or landscape nearby.

Catch basins will collect any debris that comes down the downspout, preventing any potential clog in the pipe below the landscape’s surface that moves the water away from the site.


Planter area flooding

In flowerbeds or other planter areas, mulch will help keep soil in place and soak up some of the excess water and prevent plants from drowning. If mulch isn’t enough to drain a planter area, you can also install a round speedy basin or square basin with an atrium grate to remove water from the area and catch debris before entering the pipe.

Landscape or hardscape flooding

Rain or melted snow from winter storms can cause puddles in landscapes and hardscape areas. To avoid this, install a channel drain or catch basin. Channel drains can be used in hardscape areas to collect water that flows over patios or walkways. While catch basins throughout landscapes will give excess water somewhere to go, preventing soggy damaged lawns.

It may not seem critical to think about drainage now, but preparing ahead of time can help prevent future damage to your clients’ landscapes. For more information on drainage solutions or products, stop by your local Ewing store.

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