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Top 10 Tools to Have on Your Truck

Your truck is probably already equipped with shovels, buckets, and solvent. But as you know, those aren’t the only tools needed to get the job done each day. Here’s a list of 10 tools that are helpful to have on your truck, especially when you find yourself in a tricky situation.

1.  Ohmmeter

An ohmmeter can be useful when determining whether electrical characteristics are in parameter. Many ohmmeters are light, compact and easy to use when measuring volts, ohms and current.


PRIMG LS Pressure Gauge2.  Pressure gauge with accessories

Accurate water pressure measurements are important for an effective irrigation system. When you’re in the field working on an irrigation system, having a pressure gauge will help you solve tricky problems that arise during installations and repairs.

PRIMG LS Cable Saw3.  Cable saw

Cable saws offer a good solution for cutting PVC in tight spots.



Landscape Supplies I-Tool Irrigation Multi-Tool4.  I-Tool

The I-Tool is a 15-in-1 irrigation multi-tool that works with all major sprinkler brands. This handy tool can be used in a number of ways in your day-to-day work, including cleaning nozzles and cutting wire.


PRIMG LS Landscape Fabric5.  Landscape fabric

Cut a square of landscape fabric, and lay it by a hole to place the dirt on. When the job is done, dump the dirt back in the hole—using the landscape fabric means no raking the dirt out of the grass!


PRIMG LS Vinyl PVC6.  Vinyl PVC

This is flexible PVC that can be glued to regular PVC pipe, and can be used if you have to bend the pipe around something.


PRIMG Prod Toro Swing Pipe7.  Swing pipe and fittings

Having some swing pipe and fittings makes repairs easier.



8.  Wire tracker

Using a wire tracker allows you to locate wires, valves and pipes below the surface without having to dig everything up.


PRIMG AM AquaSmart PRO Bag Laying9. Bag of AquaSmart

AquaSmart PRO is a super absorbent polymer coated microsand. Depending on soil conditions, AquaSmart PRO has demonstrated water savings ranging from 50 percent for sandy soils all the way up to 70 percent for clay type soils. Having this product on your truck makes repairs simple—lay AquaSmart down after repairs have been made to help the damaged turf recover.

In addition to the AquaSmart PRO, keeping AquaSmart Dry Mats on the truck allow quick clean up and absorption of excess standing water.

VIDEOS: Ewing’s AquaSmart playlist featuring videos from Ewing and AquaSmart Enterprises

PRIMG LS Sawsall10. Saws-all

When you are making difficult cuts, having a saws-all nearby will be useful.



If your truck is fully stocked with the tools you may need on a job, it will save time, as you don’t have to leave the site to get the proper equipment, and show your client that you are prepared for whatever the job throws your way.

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