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Top 5 Irrigation Tips for Summer

Use these five tips to make sure your irrigation system is ready for summer so that you can use water in the most efficient way in the months ahead.

  1. Determine water requirement based on evapotranspiration (ET) for your location, plant type, soil type, and seasonal climate. Your local extension office may have information for your area, so check with your local extension or university, or do a quick internet search for landscape water requirements.
  1. Perform an irrigation system inspection to find water-wasting inefficiencies. Perform an irrigation audit to correct any irrigation deficiency and to determine scheduling.


  1. Run each station and determine how much time to run before you get runoff. This helps determine cycle run times. Hunter and Rain Bird have calculators online you can use to help you figure out where to start, but running each station is important for each site to know when water is wasted.
  1. Aerate and add AquaSmart PRO to your turf. AquaSmart PRO is a super-absorbent polymer coated sand that can hold up to 12 times its weight in water, and keeps moisture accessible in the soil profile long after the surface dries. It can help you reduce waterings by up to 50 percent.


  1. Install a soil moisture sensor. Soil moisture sensors measure actual soil moisture content at the sensor location, which can help save water by only watering the amount needed, when it’s needed.


Stop by your local Ewing to find out more about water-saving products to get your system up and running this summer!

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