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Try Agriscaping For Clients That Prefer Homegrown Produce

We think of ornamental plants for landscapes as having an aesthetic purpose. Why not edible ones as well? Many people enjoy farm-to-table fresh produce, so help them take advantage of that at their homes with agriscaping.

Agriscaping is planned landscaping that features aesthetically pleasing plants that are also edible. Elements of agriculture can meet on a residential or commercial property, where fresh produce grows.

Just how fresh? Today, the produce in neighborhood grocery stores travels about 1,500 miles to get there. That adds up to days of travel, after days of picking and packaging. For some people, stepping out into their backyard and picking something fresh off a branch is more preferable.

Relying on homegrown produce can help reduce water usage, consumption and landfill waste, which can be appealing to those clients with an interest in sustainability.

PRIMG Misc Agriscape 2Implement edible landscapes in outdoor living areas

It’s common to measure by the acre when thinking of growing produce. But when scaled for individual or single-family consumption, a residential backyard can be just the right space.

By breaking down the microclimates of a yard, you can arrange space for plants that require full sun and those that prefer some shade. For backyards with outdoor living features like fireplaces, kitchens and paver patios, edible landscapes can complement the comfort and atmosphere of these settings, and enhance the meals cooked there.

Many common ornamentals approved by HOAs for member properties are also edible. These include Swiss chard, lavender, rosemary and sunflower.

A simple, scalable and sustainable addition to your business offering

Edible landscapes don’t have to be farmland acres of produce. Agriscaping can be simple, scalable and sustainable. Also, these visually pleasing landscapes can add to the owners’ investments in their properties, and help reduce time and money spent at the grocery store.

Differentiate your business by adding agriscaping to your business offering. To learn more about caring for landscapes—edible or otherwise—request information about agriscaping certification and visit your local Ewing store.

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