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Try EZflow for Your Drainage Needs

When it rains, it pours. This figure of speech becomes literal when your project is at risk for water damage. Whether you live in an area that experiences consistent rainfall, or a state that only receives rainstorms a couple times a year—applying proper drainage techniques can save your project from potential water damage.

If your project is in need of a French drain installation, consider using EZflow for your drainage needs.

What is it?

EZflow is a drainage product built specifically for the purpose of making French drain installations easier and more effective. The product is composed of ASTM F405 corrugated pipe wrapped in expanded polystyrene aggregate that is encased in 30-Sieve geotextile mesh.

The product’s design is light, easy to move and eliminates the need for gravel. Removing this step will not only save you the cost of purchasing gravel, but also the cost of additional labor.

EZflow can help meet your drainage needs for retaining walls, foundations, landscape installs and sports fields.

Cut Installation Time In Half img_2104-2377324581-o

Due to EZflow’s revolutionary design, the time it takes to install a French drain is drastically reduced—a huge benefit to contractors.

Michael Schreiber, Professional Landscape Architect and Business Development Manager for NDS, said using this product can cut contractor’s installation time in half compared to the time it takes for a traditional installation.

In addition to quick installation time and eliminating the need for gravel, EZflow also boasts an impressive flow rate.

“EZflow has a 30 percent better flow capacity than a traditional French drain—assuming both drains are of equal size,” Schreiber said.

Made with the Environment in Mind

From a recycle stand point—EZflow is a green option. The product’s polystyrene aggregate is made from 100 percent recycled material. Projects that use EZflow are eligible to qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits. PRIMG.Drainage.EZFlow

“EZflow can contribute to the accumulation of LEED credits for a project when used as part of the stormwater design, or by contributing to the proportion of recycled materials used on site,” Schreiber said.

Try it!

Are you at the point in your project where it’s time to tackle drainage? Visit your local Ewing store and talk to one of our knowledgeable store representatives to find out if EZflow could be your easy drainage solution!

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