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    Building Business Relationships

    “To be a trusted advisor, which is what all professionals should be aiming for, you need to do two things: build trust and share advice. You don’t need to create content to do it either. You need to be aware of what’s happening in your sector, curate it (as a team), and share insights with the right people.”

    This concept is what we refer to as the "trusted advisor" role. Though we strive to be experts in our business, there are sectors of the green industry that we may not be as strong in. What’s more is technology and environmental challenges are in a constant state of change, making recommendations more difficult at times.

    From an agronomic perspective, weeds and insects are on the move by means of weather patterns or human transport, creating new problems in your service area. The great thing is that most likely one of your colleagues has dealt with these and may have some valuable insight.

    Meanwhile, university experts, manufacturing engineers, and industry leaders may be working through these issues or have created tools that can help us. The tools that we're speaking of can be anywhere from technical data to something as simple as weed charts.

    If we maintain a conduit for information sharing, those tools will be at your fingertips, and you can pass them along to your customer. As an example, here's an article on the idea of curating these valuable resources. We're simply asking you to pass this along and let us know your favorite resources for green industry knowledge.

    Meanwhile, in the spirit of sharing great content, here is the PBI Gordon Weed Alert website, which is outstanding for weed identification. Please feel free to pass this along and share your references with us. Be on the lookout for other tools we can share with each other as well.

    Please feel free to contact the Ewing Technical Services Team with any turf-related questions as well.

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