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    Damage in the Aftermath of Ice Melt Compounds

    It isn’t preventable, winter is here. Across the nation, ice melt compounds, a.k.a. salts, are used to keep pavement snow-free and keep people safe while driving or walking.

    While these operations make lives easier and are an important part of many winter business dollars, they leave us in the spring with large areas of turf damage and dead plants. There are some products that are less harmful, but that is a topic for another day.

    With spring comes the ordeal of reseeding or sodding these areas, and in many occasions, the project is a failure due to excess build up of salt in the soil.

    High levels of sodium in the soil can extract water from the plant creating a drought type of situation leading to death. Furthermore, it will make the bare soil an inhospitable environment for new seed or sod establishment.

    Treating those areas with gypsum can help remove sodium from cation exchange sites and following it with a healthy dose of water will help flush the sodium through. This extra step will help newly planted grass or plant material survive.

    Reach out to the Ewing Technical Services Team with questions, or if you have topics you would like us to discuss.

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