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    Safeguards Against Misapplication of Non-Selective Herbicides

    There is almost never a year that goes by without that ill-fated day when you learn about somebody’s spray tank that was accidentally filled with a non-selective herbicide.

    While these are extremely important tools throughout the green industry, misuse or contamination of spray solutions can mean the difference between happy customers and lawsuits.

    Kevin Lewis worked with a superintendent who had to reseed his greens because he was told the unlabeled drum was a wetting agent. He doesn’t know if there was any wrongdoing or if it was an honest mistake, but the fact remains that the superintendent had 20 dead greens.

    Then there is the story about the football field manager who sprayed areas of crabgrass with what he thought was Drive 75DF only to find out it was Roundup QuikPRO.

    And there is the story from Elgin, Illinois, where someone mixed weed killer with fertilizer and damaged St. Edward High School's football field.

    Sometimes we do this to ourselves. How many times have you poured a little bit of glyphosate in a water bottle for a friend or a family member? Too many times these can end up in a tank inadvertently. ewing-irrigation-safeguards-against-misapplication-of-non-selective-herbicides-2

    The bottom line is it can happen to anyone. How do we stop it? Here are some tips:

    • Keep all non-selective herbicides under lock and key.

    • Make sure any and all non-selectives remain in their original packaging with full labeling on them.

    Not only are these the most often stolen materials, but they pose the biggest risk in loss of your business.

    We can’t repeat it often enough: no matter what product, glyphosate, diquat, glufosinate or even the organic materials, keep them locked up. Here's another photo of an example.

    Feel free to send in your own stories, and to reach out to us for help by contacting the Ewing Technical Services Team.

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