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    How To Use Plant Growth Regulators To Be More Profitable

    By Kevin Lewis on July 27, 2022
    The trimming and/or pruning of ornamental plants is a reality for many maintenance companies. These processes tend to...

    Adding PGRs To Your Turf Program

    By Kevin Lewis on July 20, 2022
    The evolution of PGRs began long ago from their original use of mowing reduction on roadsides and difficult areas to...

    Plant Biochemical Warfare and Allelotoxins

    By Kevin Lewis on June 22, 2022
    The concept of allelopathy has been noticed world-wide, and its first noted observation dates back to 350 B.C....

    Reasons to Like Your Lichens

    By Kevin Lewis on April 26, 2022
    The group of organisms called lichens consist of somewhere between 13,000 and 30,000 species worldwide. These are...

    The Importance of Iron for Healthy Plants

    By Kevin Lewis on March 3, 2022
    Iron (Fe) is one of the most common micronutrients found in fertilizers. Though plentiful in most soils it can easily...

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