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    Tools for Battling Landscape Bed Weeds: Over-The-Top Herbicides

    Landscape bed weed management always comes with a number of challenges. It is vital to possess a keen eye and a broad spectrum of plant identification knowledge to be able to determine which plants are weeds as well as their tolerance to herbicides.

    With more and more variety of ornamentals being utilized in the landscape, it takes constant refreshing of identification skills. There are some herbicides, however, that have a unique ability and those are the ones that I want to discuss today as they can be an important tool in your toolbox.

    Components of Weed Management

    Typical bed weed management has a few components, a non-selective like glyphosate or glufosinate and a preemergent like T/I, SureGuard, Prodiamine and others. Typically, when timed properly, these are a great way to manage ornamental bed weeds. The problem comes in when landscapes are planted tightly or weed growth happens through ground covers or other lower-growing plants.

    There are three materials used commonly to manage weedy grasses growing through and around certain landscape plants. These are Ornamec (Sethoxydim) from PBI Gordon, Fusilade II (Fluazifop) from Syngenta and Envoy Plus (Clethodim) from Nufarm. These three products are safe for use over the top of many ornamentals and will control a host of grassy weeds. They do not control any sedges or broadleaf weeds.

    The other option for more broadleaf weeds and sedges is an older chemistry. Basagran (Sodium salt of Bentazon) from BASF does a nice job on some common broadleaf weeds, along with yellow nutsedge, and can be applied over the top of almost 40 ornamental plants.

    What’s better is that Basagran does a great job with Canada thistle, which can be very difficult to control. Basagran can also be used in most cool season and warm season grasses.

    Being able to use products like these can save countless manhours hand weeding and slow their return. Always remember to read the label and properly identify weed species and landscape plant species.

    Lean on Ewing for Weed Management Answers

    Contact myself or Pat Gross, Ewing’s Tech Team, for more information on weed management. As always, we’re here to answer any and all turfgrass questions you have. Email me at klewis@ewingos.com or call/text 480-669-8791. Email Pat at pgross@ewingos.com or call/text 714-321-6101.

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