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    Weed ID - Common Mallow

    Common mallow, or Malva neglecta, is a winter annual, also known as "cheeseweed." It has rounded, heart-shaped leaves with shallow-toothed edges. It has a strong tap root. It is generally found in gardens, roadsides, fence lines, fields, urban sites, and unmanaged sites.

    The flower clusters are white to pale pink about ¼" in diameter and found at the base of the leaf stalk.

    It is called "cheeseweed" because the seeds look like small wheels of cheese with wedge shaped sections.

    Control: hand removal or hoeing; regular low mowing in turf areas. Non-selective herbicides in garden beds and along fence lines.

    Controlled selectively in turf by many two-way and three-way post-emergence broadleaf herbicide mixtures containing 2,4-D, diacamba, MCPP or MCPA. Also controlled by products that contain triclopyr, fluroxypyr, and quinclorac.

    Additional information on the identification and control of common mallow can be found in this article from Turfgrass Science at Purdue University.

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