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Turfgrass 101

Some things just don’t go well together—toothpaste and orange juice, toddlers and permanent markers, Kentucky Bluegrass and 110-degree summer days.

Learn more about why it’s important to choose the right turfgrass for your landscapes.

Know Your Grasses

Grass is a large family of flowering plants known as Poaceae or Gramineae. There are cool season and warm season grass species (based on which season the grass type has its active growth period).PRIMG Turf Seed

Want a grass type that will thrive in the climate zone you live in?

In the northern zone, most lawns are seeded with Kentucky Bluegrass. Hotter weather will slow down the growth of this grass.

In the transition zone, options include Bermuda, which thrives in hotter weather and full sun, or zoysia, a water-efficient type, or tall fescue, a type for shaded landscapes.

In the southern and coastal zones, lawns may feature Bermuda, zoysia or tall fescue.

You may also apply a mixture depending on your site conditions. A mixture is a combination of turfgrasses of different species—for example, Perennial ryegrass with Kentucky bluegrass.

A residential lawn, with moderate shade from trees, will be different from a commercial lawn, with little to no shade, and a commercial lawn will be different from a sports field, as sports fields have heavy play, especially on weekends. Mixtures help turf be more visually appealing, quick to germinate, and resistant to disease.

Questions When Choosing Turf

Which turf (or mixture of turf) is best for your specific site? Make informed turf selections by asking yourself the following:

  • What is the intended use?PRIMG Misc Turfgrass Closeup
  • What is the desired quality level?
  • What is the maintenance level?
  • Does the site have any soil or water issues?
  • Does the site have any shade?
  • Does the site have a high exposure to sunlight?

Join Ewing For More Turf Solutions

Understanding turfgrass varieties to make the right turf selection is just the beginning. Keeping turf healthy and thriving is equally as important. Ewing can help you do meet that goal. Visit your local Ewing store to learn more.

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