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Turn Your Business Green with These 3 Tips for Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot topic inside and outside of the green industry. Many homeowners and businesses are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly.

Take advantage of this by differentiating your irrigation or landscape business from the competition with three easy-to-incorporate sustainable solutions!

Sustainable oil

Petroleum oil, used to lubricate engines, is harmful to the environment and people, but NV Earth’s® bio-based oil is an environmentally friendly, full synthetic engine lubricant that prevents sludge and carbon deposits. This means they’re less hazardous to plants, animals and humans. NV Earth’s lubricants, cleaners and absorbents reduce chemical exposure to operators and the environment.

Using sustainable oils to power chainsaws, lawn mowers and more can showcase your commitment to more responsible landscaping practices to your customers, which can help set you apart from competitors.

Soil amendments
Soil amendments are another great way to build sustainability into your business practices. When working with turf and other plant material, consider using a water-saving soil amendment such as Holganix® or Mirimichi Green.

Holganix is a biostimulant, which helps balance the soil’s ecosystem to build stronger roots, making it more resilient and increasing its nutrient and water uptake. Mirimichi Green can help strengthen your soil with a carbon-rich biochar and premium organics. The Carboniz PN™ Soil Enhancer reduces watering needs, cuts down on fertilizer and chemical inputs and helps increase nutrient uptake.

Smart Controllers
Another way to save water and money for your customers is with smart controllers. New technology makes it easy to save water and manage irrigation systems from your smartphone.

Many of today’s smart controllers adjust irrigation schedules based local weather conditions, which take into account temperature, rainfall, wind, humidity and even soil moisture to help efficiently manage sustainable landscapes. Smart controllers also provide real-time alerts and water management tools to assist you in preventing or fixing leaks.

Here are a few smart controller options to consider:

Stop by your local Ewing location or visit us online at EwingIrrigation.com/sustainability for additional sustainability tips and products that can help grow your business.

How are you incorporating sustainable practices into your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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