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What to know before ordering synthetic turf

Synthetic turf can be a great option for landscape areas where turf maintenance and growth is difficult.Ewing offers EPS Turf in multiple options and colors, from more natural looking synthetic turf, to turf designed for pets and putting greens. Made with a high quality urethane backing and polyethylene fibers for durability and longevity, EPS Turf has an eight-year limited warranty.All EPS Turf comes in 15-foot wide rolls, and is priced by the square foot. Determine your order by multiplying 15 feet by your desired length (must be in whole foot increments). For example:

  • 12 x 15 feet = 180 sq. ft. order
  • 23 x 15 feet = 345 sq. ft. order
  • 100 x 15 feet = 1,500 sq. ft. order

If the width of your synthetic turf area will be greater than 15 feet, make sure to order enough EPS Turf so that the grain of the turf (the direction of the blades) will be the same for the pieces you will be seaming together.

Cutting Fee, Shipping and Returns

All orders of EPS Turf (other than a full roll) will include a $20 cutting fee that will be added to you order. A full roll is typically 100 or 125 feet in length, depending on the model of EPS Turf selected.

There is no additional charge for shipping. EPS Turf will be shipped to the Ewing location of your choosing.

Returns will not be accepted. You can view samples of EPS Turf at Ewing before ordering to be sure of your selection.

Additional Information

Contact your local Ewing store for more information or learn more on the EPS Turf website.

Featured Product

PRIMG SYN EPS ProPro (24100400) is a green grass with green and brown thatch. It is an entry-level synthetic turf and our most popular.

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