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What’s New in Irrigation? Technology, Tools and More

From new products to new rules and regulations, check out what’s new and what’s coming up in 2021.

New Technology and Products

As technology continues to evolve in every facet of our lives, the irrigation industry is no different. Environmentally conscious and data-driven technology have been at the forefront of most tech updates, and this coming year is no different. Here are a few new products that can make a big impact on your job and your clients’ landscapes.

  • At this year’s Irrigation Association Show, Rain Bird’s ESP-LXIVM with Smart Technology won the landscape irrigation category award. It’s a high-capacity controller with Smart Valve technology and is the first two-wire system with an Integrated Valve Module. The Integrated Valve Module relays valve status back to the controller and provides real-time monitoring of valves. The ESP-LXIVM standard model can support up to 240 stations, has built-in flow management, leak detection and communications cartridges that can be added for remote water management capabilities.
  • With consumers taking more of an interest in their yard maintenance and water use, Flume’s Smart Home Water Monitor is another great product to offer customers. It gives homeowners the ability to manage and monitor water use and detect leaks early, so you can help your clients save money and water. The Smart Home Water Monitor is compatible with 95% of homes, connects to Wi-Fi and can be managed through an app on your smartphone.
  • Hunter Industries has released a 6-inch version of its PGP Ultra Rotor. The 6-inch PGP Ultra Rotor model provides the same benefits and perks as the standard 4-inch model, but offers more height for greater arch radius depending on the need of the landscape or job.

Updated Regulations

Earlier this year, California and Vermont began requiring pressure regulating stems (PRS) on all spray heads sold. Beginning January 2021, Colorado, Hawaii and Washington will join them. Expect to see this trend toward PRS technology to continue in states across the country.

New Industry Resources

With so much changing throughout the industry, the following resources can help you navigate those changes, stay up to date on news and even help you save money.

  • In 2020, Ewing began offering educational training through webinars! If you don’t have time for an in-person class, these webinars can be a great resource. You can register online at EwingIrrigation.com/education-webinars for upcoming courses or even watch previously recorded webinars if you weren’t able to attend.
  • The Irrigation Association (IA) and the National Association for Landscape Professionals (NALP) have lists of helpful resources and links for the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re still searching for answers, these websites are a good place to start.
  • Beginning in January 2021, Ewing will now be offering a contractor rewards program, The ProAdvantage Program. Contractors can sign up online at EwingIrrigation.com/ProAdvantage and begin earning rewards points that can be redeemed for fun prizes and also take advantage of a variety of business solutions.
  • Earlier this year, Lawn & Landscape magazine put together a robust State of the Industry Report providing contractors and green industry professionals information about the current industry. Read about it here.

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