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Why Social Media Matters in the Green Industry

Ewing’s 1,000th Twitter Follower Shares Insights on Green Industry Use of Social Media

On Monday, Ewing reached a milestone in social media…we hit the 1,000 followers mark on Twitter! Our thanks go out to John Pacyga, a Louisville, Ky. based landscape designer for Verdant Design, who was No. 1,000!

It has been nearly two years since Ewing jumped into the new world of social media, and we’re excited to see so many Green Industry folks using these tools. For us, its all about fostering conversation with our customers and the community, so we decided to ask John (@VerdantKY), for his perspective on social media and the Green Industry. 

@EwingIrrigation: How do you see social media influencing the Green Industry? 

@VerdantKY: Well, this economy (the longest downturn since the 30's) forces us back to basics and to be creative. The basics are building relationships with our previous clients for spreading the word, our peers for staying on the cutting edge, and our partners to helping each other out. Social media is where the people, and therefore the clients, are [spending time] in my experience. Most of my work is coming from word-of-mouth, but it's also because they are getting constant updates and reminders via social media.

@EwingIrrigation: Why do you use social media? 

@VerdantKY: It gets my message out to the most people in a very cost-effective way. People don't just appear at my doorstep or on my website. They are coming there because they saw a photo of recent work on Posterous, knew what I was thinking on Twitter, and know my talents because of LinkedIn.

@EwingIrrigation: What’s your favorite social media site to use and why?

@VerdantKY: Posterous by far is the most powerful thing going right now. I send one email out to Posterous.com. The website turns the email into a blog entry, creates a photo gallery based on the images attached to the email, and then automatically updates Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for me. One email. Easy.

@EwingIrrigation: Do you have any Green Industry follow recommendations?  


  • @HuffPostGreen - Huffington Post green news
  • @abduzeedo - Great and inspiring graphic design work
  • @mashable - The newest trends in social networking (cutting edge stuff)
  • @WSJEconomy - What’s happening in the economy
  • @GGWTV - Growing a Greener World TV show (good links)
  • @PlantEncyclpdia - The Plant Encyclopedia - fascinating plants from around the world
  • And there’s still a lot of room for new voices…

We would like to thank John for his insights on social media, and thank everyone for connecting with Ewing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and this blog. Have you found other ways social media is influencing the Green Industry? Share with us by posting a comment below.

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