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Smart Watering in the Palm of Your Hand with Wi-Fi Controllers

Homeowners may have started asking you for an irrigation controller that can integrate with their smart home system (Nest, Amazon Echo, etc.). They may have asked for a sprinkler system they can control from their phone. They may want to see their system’s water usage.

Provide a solution to their requests with a Wi-Fi enabled controller. The controller does more than just integrate with your homeowner’s smart home system—it allows you a way to control your clients’ irrigation from anywhere. You can gain insight into what’s happening with their system and start or stop their controller from the palm of your hand. No more driving to the site to see what’s wrong—these controllers can give you real-time information about water use, faulty valves and even flow in some cases.

Here are three Wi-Fi enabled irrigation controllers available at your local Ewing store.

Rachio Gen 2Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Rachio controller makes it easy to get started with the convenience of Wi-Fi irrigation control. With a four-year extended warranty on professionally installed controllers, this controller is compatible with nearly any smart home system. Rachio waters based on past, present and future weather and includes seasonal adjustments. Control the system from anywhere and know what’s happening with real-time notifications.

PRIMG Prod Hunter Pro-HCHunter Pro-HC with Hydrawise

Hunter’s Pro-HC was designed for contractors to manage a controller from any location with the updated features of new Wi-Fi enabled smart controllers that homeowners are looking for. With the Pro-HC app, you can view all the sites you manage in the contractor dashboard. When you notice an issue, send a job sheet to the field staff so those issues don’t grow into problems. You can even set up customized permissions so the homeowner, contractor and crew can have different settings to make changes to the controller.

PRIMG Prod Rain Bird TM2Rain Bird ESP-TM2 with LNK Wi-Fi Module

The Rain Bird ESP-TM2 is a professional-grade residential controller with scheduling that allows for a variety of applications and the ability to comply with watering restrictions. It’s quick and easy to program, with three programs and four start times each. While the controller itself isn’t Wi-Fi based, it’s easily upgraded to a Wi-Fi enabled controller with the LNK Wi-Fi module. With the module and accompanying app, you can operate and monitor the irrigation system from anywhere, with real-time alerts and water management tools.

Is this something your clients are looking for? Check out these controllers or ask your local Ewing Service Professionals about Wi-Fi enabled controller options.

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