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Winter Revenue Paths for Landscape Contractors

As the weather cools down, so do your profits, right? It doesn’t have to be that way! There are ways to earn money this winter and keep your business going strong, even as the temperatures drop. Prepare your business with some options for earning some cash this winter.

  1. Ice meltPRIMG ICE Melt-Off

Ice and cold can be annoying or inconvenient for many people, but frozen streets, sidewalks and driveways are also a safety risk. Rather than waiting it out this winter, you can keep your profits and work flowing by offering deicing services to your clients. Removing ice from pathways and driveways will keep your customers satisfied and their residential and commercial properties safe.

  1. Holiday lighting PRIMG LT Holiday Lights

Holiday lighting and decor products from Ewing can add a festive spin during the holiday season. Create an impact with holiday lighting products built for outdoor use, and opt for LED bulbs to reduce operating costs of your holiday displays.

  1. EducationEwing Education Services

Take a class to learn how to do something new, like hardscaping, landscape lighting or installing pumps. You can often find classes through your supplier and local associations. Earn CEUs, get ready for spring, and prepare yourself and your employees for the upcoming busy season. While this may not seem like a way to earn money in the winter season, it can help you earn more jobs and money come warmer weather.

This year, Ewing is offering classes on irrigation and water management, turf and agronomics, and outdoor living. Look for classes in your area at www.ewingeducation.com.

Visit to your nearest Ewing location to find out more about the services and products you can offer in the winter.

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